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INcreasing agricultural nutrient-use efficiency by optimizing PLAnt-soil-Microorganism INTeractions

Funding ID: 031A561A-H
Phase I / II: 01/04/2015 - 30/04/2021

To elucidate the key processes relevant to nutrient-efficient agricultural biomass production, research in this project is directed towards understanding

  • plant- and management-induced microbial biodiversity and activity patterns,
  • the relationship of microbial activity patterns to plant species (crop sequences) and the nutrient status of the soil,
  • stoichiometric nutrient demand of microorganisms and plants,
  • synchrony/asynchrony and competition of plant and microbial nutrient demand,
  • pathways of nutrient losses under conditions of stoichiometric imbalances,
  • and short-term vs. long-term plant-soil-microbial interactive effects (seasonal variability, chronosequences and long-term field trials).